About your Host and On Camera Co-Hosts


Robert Dankowsky

Robert has had a passion for fishing his entire life. He even recalls dragging a fishing rod around the floor before he could even walk. Even though he has traveled the world from the beautiful Azores to warm waters of the Caribbean, Rob grew up fishing at a cottage in the area of Parry Sound, Ontario with his father for smallmouth bass, walleye and pike. As a teenager, he began fishing many of the rivers and streams in southern Ontario. From that time to the present he has fished for almost everything that swims. His big catches include northern pike up to 25lbs, muskie into the 30lb pound class, channel catfish in the 20 pound range and of course his favorite, smallmouth close to 7lbs. Most of the fishing has been done either wading, canoeing or kayaking. In addition to this, Rob has done a lot of saltwater fishing, with more than 20 different species under his belt. As a fairly accomplished weightlifter, Robert believes that physical fitness is a key component to the active style of fishing that he has engages in and enjoys the fishing success within a couple of hours of any big city he travels to.


Robert Dankowsky


Amanda Plewes

You could say that Amanda Plewes knows fish better than she knows most of her friends – after all, this woman has been fishing coast to coast for almost 20 years. She’s cast her rod from BC to New Brunswick and from California to Florida. When she’s not globetrotting in search of new fishing adventures, Amanda can still visits her home roots of of Collingwood, Ontario returning to her new home waters; the marshes of Louisiana.


Amanda PlewesAmanda PlewesAmanda PlewesAmanda PlewesAmanda PlewesAmanda PlewesAmanda PlewesAmanda PlewesAmanda PlewesAmanda Plewes

Jamie Frasson

Jamie Frasson has been fishing since she was 4 years old. She learned to fish spending time with her father in a boat at their family cottage. She enjoys many types of fishing;  off-shore; hip wading; in a boat and especially by kayak! When Jamie isn’t fishing she can be found near her hometown Flamborough, Ontario hunting, hiking and spending time with her dog and family. Being an outdoor enthusiast all her life, Jamie is always looking for her next outdoor adventure.

Jamie FrassonJamie FrassonJamie FrassonJamie FrassonJamie Frasson