About Amanda

Amanda PlewesYou could say that Amanda Plewes knows fish better than she knows most of her friends - after all, the woman's been fishing from coast to coast for the past 20 years. She's cast her rod from the Johnstone Strait in British Columbia, to the Bay of Fundy in New Brunswick, and she spends her off-time fishing for Bass, Pike, and Walleye in the many lakes and rivers throughout Northern Ontario. When she's not globetrotting in search of new fishing adventures, Amanda can be found hanging out close to her hometown of Collingwood, Ontario, on the beautiful waters of the Georgian Bay. Amanda couldn't be better suited as the host for Big City Fishing, currently airing on the World Fishing Network.

Amanda PlewesAmanda PlewesAmanda PlewesAmanda PlewesAmanda PlewesAmanda Plewes

Amanda PlewesAmanda Plewes

Amanda PlewesAmanda PlewesAmanda Plewes